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Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights

Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights

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Light Up Your Plants & Feel a Calming, Peaceful State of Mind With Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights


Are you tired of dull, lifeless outdoor lighting solutions that drain your electricity & leave you in the dark during power outages?

Introducing Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights - Illuminate Your Nights with Enchanting Radiance!

No Installation & Wire Needed

Super easy to use because no cables or plugs are needed, just plant the solar lights in your garden, & turn the switch on to enjoy the most beautiful solar decorative lights in the world

Auto On / Off Solar Outdoor Lamp

The solar panel absorbs sunlight all day long, then turns on at night & off again in the morning. Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights can be set up anywhere there is sunlight. There will be no electricity bill at any time of the year.

mini solar garden outdoor light

High Efficient & Longer Working Time

Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights possess the capability to charge even during adverse weather conditions such as winter & rain. It features a premium polycrystalline panel with a 20% conversion rate.

solar panel lights outdoor charging

Larger 600 mAh Ni-Mh Battery

Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights for home outdoor & indoor use is powered by a 600 Ni-MH battery & can provide up to 8 to 12 hours of continuous lighting.

Soft & Flexible Branches

Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights mimic real fireflies, featuring flexible wires that sway in the wind. Unique in the market, they bring life to the dark.

High-Quality Material

Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights is composed of 6 LED lamp beads, solar panels, stainless steel rods & ABS ground plugs. LED bulbs are made of low heat radiation materials, which will not overheat for several hours, & are safe & reliable.

Energy-Efficient & Hassle-Free

Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights adopt large-capacity batteries & upgraded solar panels. It has an efficient working time, no need to worry about charging every day, after installation, flip the switch to activate automatic charging & operation.

Waterproof & Durable

Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights are made of high-quality waterproof IP65 grade material, which can withstand the influence of bad weather such as rain, snow, & hail.

solar mini lights waterproof lamp

Unique Decor

You can place Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights in the grass or in gardens, lawns, roads, courtyards, landscapes, etc. It will become a good partner for your unique decoration.

applications of garden solar lighting lamp

Why Are People Loving Macadve™ Solar Garden Lights Outdoor Lights?

Easy Installation: Easy to install and set, no wire and tools need.

✅ Solar Powered: Powered by solar panel, no manual charging needed.

✅ Swaying When Wind Blows: Create a romantic atmosphere & good mood.

✅ IP65 Waterproof: The outdoor swaying solar lights work well on sunny, or even rainy days.

✅ Decorative Warm White Lights: The solar decorative lights change between warm White Lights

✅ Newest Version - Better Sway Effect: Upgraded with flexible iron wire & heavy-duty bulb base; increased sway angle & momentum to imitate fireflies.

✅ Unique & Unseen: Macadve™ Solar Garden Light is a one-of-a-kind product, with its combination of modern design & advanced technology.

request Precede Through solar powered firefly lights throw ego Emperor

Product Specifications

👉🏼  Light Color: Warm White
👉🏼  Power Source: Solar Energy (2V 120mAh Polycrystalline Panel)
👉🏼  Material: Flexible Soft Stems (ABS+ Stainless Steel)
👉🏼  Waterproof Rating: IP65
👉🏼  Switch: On/Off switch for easy operation
👉🏼  Working Time: 8-12 Hrs
👉🏼  Battery: 1.2V 600 mAh Ni-MH
👉🏼  LEDs: 8 LEDs
👉🏼  Package Weight: 150 g
👉🏼  Package Dimension: 36 x 8.5 x 6 Cm
👉🏼  No of Modes: 2
    garden solar lighting modes

    How To Use

    Step 1: Simply insert the solar path light directly into the soil or desired location, & then turn on the switch.
    Step 2: Once activated, you can sit back & enjoy the beauty of these solar-powered decorative lights illuminating your outdoor space.  

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