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Macadve Portable Pocket Drum

Macadve Portable Pocket Drum

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Macadve Portable Pocket Drum

"Drum Anywhere : Unleash Your Beats with the Portable Pocket Drum!"

Realistic Drumming Experience

Enjoy the authentic feel of drumming with the electronic sticks that replicate the sensation of hitting real drum surfaces.

Immersive Sound

Experience lifelike drum sounds through the built-in speaker, creating a captivating auditory experience that matches your movements.

Versatile Soundscapes

With various drum sounds mapped to different positions in the air, create diverse rhythms and beats that suit your musical style.

Enhanced Connectivity

Link the device to your laptop or computer for extended creative possibilities. Use it to enhance music production or engage in virtual drumming sessions.

Compact and Simple

Its straightforward design makes it easy to grasp and play – an excellent introduction to drumming for newcomers.

Gateway to musical exploration, self-expression, and a truly portable drumming experience.

On-the-Go Drumming: Take your passion for drumming wherever you are – the compact design allows you to drum anytime, anywhere.

Realistic Experience: Immerse yourself in a lifelike drumming experience with electronic sticks that simulate the sensation of hitting actual drum surfaces.

Dynamic Soundscapes: Explore a world of diverse rhythms and beats, as each position in the air triggers different drum sounds for a rich musical journey.

Beginner-Friendly Learning: Whether you're a novice or an experienced drummer, the Portable Pocket Drum offers an accessible platform to practice, learn, and refine your skills.

Expressive Outlet: Drumming is a universal language. Channel your emotions and creativity through rhythm, turning every beat into an artistic expression.

Simple and Intuitive: The device's user-friendly design ensures an uncomplicated and enjoyable drumming experience for users of all levels.

Product Specifications

Its straightforward design makes it easy to grasp and play – an excellent introduction to drumming for newcomers.


How to Use Macadve Portable Pocket Drum

Its straightforward design makes it easy to grasp and play – an excellent introduction to drumming for newcomers.

  1. Power On: Turn on the device using the power button or designated switch.

  2. Pairing (if applicable): If connecting to a device, activate Bluetooth and pair it with your laptop, computer, or compatible device.

  3. Ready Stance: Hold the electronic sticks firmly, mimicking a natural drumming grip.

  4. Choose Your Surface: Identify the air positions designated for different drum sounds.

  5. Air Drumming: Start drumming in the air by striking the appropriate positions with the sticks. Each position triggers a distinct drum sound.

  6. Experiment with Rhythms: Combine hits on different positions to create rhythmic patterns and beats.

  7. Adjust Volume (if applicable): Control the volume using buttons on the device or your paired device, ensuring a comfortable audio level.

  8. Connectivity (if applicable): If connected to a laptop or computer, use compatible software for extended drumming possibilities.

  9. Play Along: Jam with your favorite tracks or create your own music, letting your creativity flow through drumming.

  10. Disconnect and Power Off: When done, disconnect Bluetooth if applicable, and power off the device.

  11. Storage: Safely store the device and sticks for your next drumming session.

  12. Cleaning and Maintenance: Regularly clean the sticks and device surfaces for optimal performance and longevity.


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